Der Traum

by Usher & Zreen Toyz

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Ingmard Moeller’s dream was those of building a new world and those shed did that special night in Stammheim, lying between the corpses of her dead RAF comrades. But « The dream » is about the whole process of dream, ideal and death, even in the music sphere. Where romantic highness and ideal for living turn to some king of stairway to death.
The music we wrote and designed is not only an hommage to the youth angel she was but an attempt to catch the 4 cycles from birth to death.

1. War Room.

From the maelstrom of peaceful electro acoustic drones, crystalline harmonies and devices, the female voice calls for something we cannot find until the war beat for earth (and drive) begins its martial changes.

2. Trois versions du Déluge.

Strings and a crowd behind, very gentle and pure, like a symphony of spirits, a litany announcing the metamorphosis, slowly opens its wings, in a splendid coda.

3. Mutilated Body.

Now the world turns dark, and the operation is going on. Metal shapes, voice from the autopsy room and a mid-tempo dance beat is coming out.

4. Der Traum von Irmgard Moeller.

From Stammheim security jailhouse, with the nazi ghosts standing in the shadow. Irmgard try to say something in her sleep but the old voices from the past and present drown her voice. The killing drum begins. One, two, three, will you be the fourth ? Is this a dream ? Is this where the dream leads ? Sirens, echoes, run through chaos, whispers and threats. Clean Evil.


released October 7, 2012



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